Ashkon Babaee has always had an understanding of how to create and market the best business models. A skill that stems from his father, Fred, one of the most prominent business men in the Orange County Area.

Ashkon’s impressive track record of successful sales of his multilateral million dollar companies demonstrates his innate passion for business, and uncompromising level of attention to every clients needs.

Today, Ashkon has earned widespread recognition as well as numerous awards for his ability to set the highest standards in result-driven real estate, with unprecedented sales achievements in the U.S and global markets.

Successfully running World Class Exotics, a well respected car dealership offering nothing but the best the industry had to offer, Ashkon has now founded Prestige Real Estate Group under First Team Christie’s International. Already having produced over 300 Million in sales, he continues to strive for the top records in the industry.

Ashkon has also taken on the position of VP in a project Fred and him have innovated. A revolutionary invention, dentistry on wheels.. an all in one solution for all patients around the world!

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